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As this course relates to, and awards you, the qualification Reiki Level 1 (also known as Reiki First Degree) your manual covers the requirements of the course syllabus including giving hands-on Reiki to people and self-healing using Reiki.

[You can be hit between the legs more than 5 times remember.]

["Do you really think someone with your sorts of genes should have any children?" and "I would cut your throat for a tenner" is what the medics said to me.]

I was selling perfume at work as a second job and a Special PC bought a bottle off me for a tenner so one day I left my phone number with my local PC station as interested in the Specials and the rest as they say was not history. They twice came round looking for assistance once in that town and once in another where I expressed a similar interest. I did not express an interest in London and they did not come around looking for assistance. Another guy at work kept talking about his brother in the TA getting free weekends back home in Canada so I got an interview with the local barracks of the TA in three towns I was in eventually but nothing came of them apart from seeing the inside of 3 large rooms.

I wrote a check for 100 to the Police to pull all of the info they had on me in 1991/1992 then got a check back for 40 and a file with all the info in it that I ended up giving to my Dad in 1993/1994. I wrote a second check to the Police for 20 about 10 years ago for the same purposes but got my check returned at that time with a short hand written compliments slip saying they had nothing on me. It is now 2020 and I have set the record straight on all that once and for all now.